Rise of the Urban Planet: Graphic Story

This is a graphic that I worked on for Science magazine in collaboration with story writer David Malakoff to reveal how rapid urbanization is currently effecting the world and what the trends in data are showing is yet to come.


Planning the page

This spread served the Intro page to a much deeper dive into how modern cities affect biodiversity in a Science special section called "Rise of the Urban Planet".

What the data shows...

When we put all of the puzzle pieces together and cleaned up all of the data, what surfaced was that as towns and cities became more 'impervious', or covered their surrounding lands in substrates like pavement and cement, there was a sharp decline in surrounding aquatic insect populations.

An urban shift...

The data shows dramatic changes in urban populations. As towns evolve into large iterations of themselves and cities become mega cities, populations shifts will start to effect our day to day life all around the world.