Pesticide Planet: Special Section

This is a graphic and layout that I worked on for Science magazine in collaboration with story writers David Malakoff and Martin Enserink. Our goal for this piece was to highlight how the data shows that the world's dependence on pesticides has large scale effects on ecosystems globally.

American Graphic Design Award 2014 Winner - GD USA - Category: Infographics


Mellow yellow

After charting the data and organizing the information, I worked with the editors and writers to help develop a visual flow for the graphic. I also developed a section logo (a style we no longer employ since our redesign in 2014) and set the stage for the rest of the section using the color yellow to highlight pesticides biggest ally: corn. 

RNA, you stay...

The corn rootworm is a major adversary to crop farmers everywhere since they are so resistant to pesticides. This story highlighted how a new GMO based pesticide had promise to help eliminate the pest for good, but at what cost?

The war against weeds

As pesticide resistance grows and the amount of chemicals we have to use to increase efficacy rises, scientists worry that the longer lasting effects of these new 'solutions' may have unseen consequences that are too early to measure.