Interactive Briefs + Presentations

I received a really great opportunity to do some work with PBS after a friend of mine connected me. This lead to a two year contract with Tia J. Graham, Senior Director of Philanthropy, where I was asked to create a number of materials.  


Invitation: Gathering to Support the Vision of Public Television

Developed a concept around gathering honey that pushed the idea of a team working together, much like honeybees do, to invite regional leaders to the local PBS offices to discuss new ways to fund raise.

Interactive Digital Brief

Tia e-mailed me a stack of documents and asked me to create a presentation that had three requirements: it needed energy, needed to communicate the core ideas, and lastly, needed to to help introduce the Planned Giving Capacity Building project. I developed this interactive PDF (linked in the image), as well as a few illustrations (in combination with some provided stock illustration), to provide a fun and easy way to navigate through the document. To help get the national team excited about this new project, I asked all of the Planned Giving reps for head shots so that I could represent them as part of the PBS network shown above!


Estate Planning Awareness Campaign

In addition to helping to develop the logo for the campaign, Tia asked me to create a branded tool-kit to help explain this new initiative. The interactive PDF linked above is the product of our collaboration. 

Charitable IRA Campaign

This is a campaign I designed that was meant to be distributed to each station's design team to be modified (to reflect local station information) for use on local station websites and social media.